Lands of Porphyra – Global Traits

Welcome to the Lands of Porphyra blog! My name is Perry Fehr and I am part of Purple Duck Games, in my role as writer and editor.  I will be blogging weekly here, talking about the nations of our campaign setting, the Lands of Porphyra!  I hope to impart some interesting tales about the various lands in the Lands, and I will try to include some crunchy bits for those that are adventuring there and want more flavor for their setting- I hope you enjoy!

“For the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra is a celestial body, in that it spins in the vastness of the Vacuum that contains, presumably, other worlds, such as the Femanx and the Xenarthan, among others, have spoken of.  Porphyra is a small planet, as such bodies go (again, compared only to tantalizing bits from ‘extraterrestrials) though it has two moons, colloquially called Vaar’s Eye and Shakhil’s Chair- but they are called many other names by many other peoples…”

-from Of the Patchwork Planet by Odulaki the Seer, samsaran mystic

Global Traits

This is a new category of traits that can be taken by any being born on the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra.  Beings that have the extraplanar or extraterrestrial type cannot take global traits.

Faction Savvy: You can easily tell whether a community is pro-Deist, or pro-Elemental, a good survival strategy on Porphyra. You can perform a Sense Motive and a Knowledge (religion) check as an immediate action once each per day.  You gain a +1 bonus to one of these skills.

Globetrotter: You were able to travel the breadth of Porphyra as a child, and have seen many of the wondrous lands therein. You gain +1 to Knowledge (geography) checks, and that skill is a class skill for you.  You start play with a flake of porphyrite.

Neo-Porphyran: You wish, foolishly perhaps, for a time when all peoples shall be together in brotherhood, regardless of nation or race. You can, one time only, cast the spell rainbow promise* as a spell-like ability; thereafter, you gain +1 to Diplomacy checks with races other than your own.

Porphyrologist: The porphyrite borders of Porphyra fascinate you, and the magical crystal element itself is worth more to you than gold. You gain +1 to your Knowledge checks when within sight of a porphyrite border or large (1 ton or more) deposit of porphyrite.  You start play with a flake of porphyrite.

Pre-Calling Heritage: You are from a Landed territory, and can trace your lineage back to the World-that-Was, and woe to the “Porphyran” that plucks your beard. Pick one subtype other than “human”; you gain either +1 to hit against that type, or +1 to saving throws required by attacks that type makes other than spells.

Wanderlust: You yearn to travel to all the Lands of Porphyra, Landed and native, and you know that someday you will do so. You gain access to the world map* of Porphyra, though without descriptive data at present.  You may add 1 mile to overland travel for any small (<10) group that you are part of.


*found in Lands of Porphyra

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