To the Trade Consortium of Blix!

This is a not-so-subtle segue way into another Land of Porphyra, bordering to the west of Nor-du-Mag, a much more peaceful land which is nonetheless very occupied with one major industry: trade and commerce.  This is the Trade Consortium of Blix, a land of pleasant terrain, including beautiful Coin Lake and the breathtaking Sunbright Glacier, which feeds the vital Callin River which flows north, and the Oliti River flowing west into northern Siwath, artery of life to the anpur race and the zendiqi nomads of that region.  A land of servants to merchant lords in the distant past, it is now concerned with making goods that the rest of the world wants, and getting those goods to their customers, where they might be, in short order.

Looking at the races that are prevalent in Blix (boggles, halflings, numistians and ratfolk) and the civilized nature of the place, adventuring in Blix is an almost polar opposite of Nor-du-Mag.  Whereas in The Cloven Lands survival is #1, in Blix profit is key. If you are not in a place to make profit, you will get fleeced, by taxes, fees, prices, what have you.  This is not a place for rampaging dragons, a necromancer’s castle, or the ruins of a temple of the Great Old Ones- though, come to think of it, there might be situations where those could be put to profit!  Blix is a great place for thinking parties, low-level parties, and those who want to roleplay a lot.  There might be opportunities for barbarians, paladins, and fire-spewing kineticists, but they would be extremely temporary.  What is the main income of characters? Taking stuff from “bad guys” or finding valuables that were “left behind” a long time ago.  Apart from the quaint Profession skill, few classes have real money-making power- or do they?

Barbarian – it is not likely that there are any native barbaric people in Blix, which makes any true barbarians exotic and coin-worthy.  There is a rather busy arena in Pult that is constantly looking for new talent, and well-paid, too.

Bard –actually equipped in text with the Perform skill and encouraged to do their thing for cash.  Bards can stage shows, run a theatre company, entertain royalty, bards are built for Blix.

Cleric – No religion is forbidden in Blix, none. That is firm in their constitution.  Even apocalypse can be good for business.  The second trade is impeded by a clerical branch, those adherents, good or evil, are politely and firmly asked to leave the premises.  Vortain and Veiloaria are very popular, as are Toma Thule, Linium and Lyvalia.  Rolterra, Fenris Kul and Tulis have mostly worn out their welcome.

Fighter- Money and the muscle to protect it go hand in hand, and a man-at-arms can always find employment.  Merchant lords do not, however, tolerate military buildup for long, as war is good for Blix to sell supplies to, not be a subject of!  Swordfighting in the street over trade advantages is not the Blixian way.

Monk – Monks by their nature disdain material goods, and as such most dislike Blix immensely.  That being said, monks sometimes have a missionary attitude, as well, and there is at least one monastery that is staffed by defeated businessmen who can opt out of debtors prison or The Engine and take vows of poverty- the Temple of Dust near in the north is spoken of in hushed terms among Blixians…

Paladin – little true evil is afoot in Blix, and that mostly of a financial and corporate nature.  It would take a new type of savvy paladin to use laws, policy and public sentiment to defeat oppressive and scurrilous businessmen, which would be an interesting campaign, wouldn’t it?

Ranger – there are lots of wild spaces in Blix, left for herb collection, lumber, farming, etc.  Those that have preferred terrain in these areas (plains, forest, urban) are employed as escorts as a matter of course.  Many rangers are employed as captains of the Air Cargo Service (stay tuned for next week on them!)

Rogue– Blix is a rogue’s paradise, but blatant theft in a land of merchants has grim penalties.  The primary prison in Blix is The Daftin Manufactory for the Contemplation of Wrongdoing- called The Engine.  Inmates in The Engine move turbines that power machinery in that city. But apart from that, any “skilled” agent is cheerfully welcomed!

Sorcerer/Wizard – the rules for spellcasting services is an excellent way to make money, if not particularly exciting.  Corporate espionage with certain spells could be a lot of fun, though! Magic item manufacture, guard duty on warehouses and the like, many tasks for mages.

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