Porphyra Monsters (DCC)

Hymele art by Gary Dupuis

Hymele:  Init +4, Atk claw +1 melee (1d3 plus kiss) or kiss  -2 melee (poison) or short bow +5 ranged (1d6); AC 13; HD 3d6+3; MV 30’; Act 3d20; SP charm person 3/day, poison kiss, entangle, symbiosis; SV Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +5; AL C.

Appearing like svelte elven girls with ruddy complexions and white flowers knitted throughout their long red hair, hymeles are wild, beautiful spirits of the poisonous hemlock plant. They are found deep in secluded woodlands, where they are a source of aggravation and death to travelers and woodsmen alike. The sound of their laughter ringing through the forest signifies that something ill has befallen someone at their hands.

Hymele are aggressive and traitorous. They are more than willing to take a shot at a woodsman from distant cover, and the traveller who faces but a single arrow counts himself luck. Hymeles use their charm abilities to lure victims away from their friends; sometimes for the simple joy mischief gives them, but just as often to their victim’s death with a poisoned kiss.

These fey creatures avoid melee combat when they can. In melee, they use a raking claw attack with stick-hard fingers. If this attack succeeds, they may attempt to kiss their victim as a free attack. The kiss of a hymele is poisonous, causing 1d3 points of temporary Stamina damage. The victim must also make a Fort save or take an additional 1d3 points of temporary Stamina damage each round until either a save is successful or the character is dead.

A hymele can cast charm person three times each day, with a +5 bonus to the spell check and no chance of spell loss or corruption. This ability can be used on both humanoids and animals, and hymele will often try to kill a group’s animals before engaging the travelers themselves, simply to prevent their escape. Hymeles can control plants within a 30 yard radius, entangling creature so as to slow movement by ½ and cause a -1d shift on Action Dice (creatures with a Strength of 17+ are only affected if they fail a DC 15 Strength check). These creatures can pass through foliage and vegetation of all types without hindrance or trace.

Every cluster of hymeles is mystically bound to a single, lush hemlock shrub and must never stray more than 300 yards from it, dying within 4d6 hours if the shrub is damaged or they are forced away.  Should a cluster of hymeles’ hemlock shrubs be discovered, they fly into a frenzied defense of the plants, whether the bushes are attacked or not.

On Porphyra

Clusters of hymele are known to dwell in the Snakewood Forest. Their aggressive attacks on the loggers of Sanity Lost makes snakewood one of the rarest of all woods harvested in the Tuthon Barony. Tuthon snakewood is prized for its beauty and is often used in the construction of exquisite music instruments.


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