Astral Adventures II

The Antechamber: As you make your way down into the hall you find yourself having difficulty walking. As you finally enter the chamber you begin to float awkwardly in the air, but before you are able to get your bearings you notice a pair of pillars in the middle of the room.

This room is 50 feet tall and under the effects of an antigravity field and the PCs will find themselves slowly falling towards the ceiling. The force is strongest in the center of the room, where the field is generated. There is a crystal jutting out of the center of the ceiling, Hardness 5; 5 HP, which is emanating the field, if it is destroyed the crystal stops generating the field, and regular gravity takes over – instantly.

There are two Bulettes using this room as a den, one on the ceiling and one on the floor. The one on the floor has anchored itself to the ground.

NOTE: This seems like as good a place to mention this as anywhere. This module, and in fact the entire Astral plane should seem like a place of contradictions and trouble. If you prefer your games to be run like a clockwork, relying on the rules in books to get you by instead of intuition, this may not be the kind of adventure you want to run, but it might give you ideas or a framework to build from – so please read on!


The Locked Chamber: Finally getting your feet back on the ground you make your way down the only hallway you haven’t already explored. It turns sharply and then abruptly stops with a stone wall with a single large door. There are various strange carvings radiating a faint blue glow around the door, and the silver threads which seem almost common place throughout this place weave in and out of the dark wooden door.

Inspection of the warding reveals that it is an unknown language which radiates very powerful Abjuration magic. – Similar to a circle of protection.

As you enter the room you notice that there are inscriptions on the ceiling, walls, and floor which are like those on the door. A pedestal rests in the center of the room overtop a large glowing rune however, you can’t help but focus on the rooms only occupant, a large thickly furred humanoid with the head of a lioness moving towards you with a deadly yet brutal grace.

This chamber has a Shira, a type of Div, trapped inside. The inscription on the door and in the chamber have kept her locked inside for an unknowable amount of time but she is feral and attacks immediately. Her Spell-Like Abilities are dampened by the magical warding and cannot be used, unless the warding has been disturbed by the PCs. If the PCs have disabled the magical warding and she is reduced to 25% or less HP, she will flee to freedom attempting to return to the outer planes.

There are no doors out of this room only the mysterious pillar in the center of the room.

The pedestal stands four feet tall with a basin imbued with runes. The runes glow with an eerie light. The runes fade out of existence then relight in your native tongue. This journey will be one of discovery and you’ll learn the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but it will take more than strength to carry you there. The device before you is one of sacrifice. Let your essence flow into the basin, and it will open the way forward.

If inspected the runes have an aura of abjuration, conjuration, and necromantic energies.

This device when powered will teleport the PCs to the next location, which is found 250 feet below their current location.

To power the device PCs must sacrifice their intelligence – or the essence of their being. The fountain will drain the intelligence of any sentient being from the prime material plane with character levels. A total amount of intelligence drain must equal 2+2/PCs. It may be equally divided however the PCs decide. As they make their donations read the following:

As you stand before the basin your eyes begin to redden as a searing pain wracks your mind like a migraine combined with a hangover. The misty redness spills from your eyes, nose, and mouth as it fills the basin. You feel yourself succumbing to lack of understanding. When the vampiric vessel is finally sated, a brilliant flash of blue light fills the room, and a portal opens which illumes another room much like the one you are in. When you step through you are teleported to another dark stone room, this one has even more of the silver webbing in it, almost as though treacherous ethereal spiders filled this room, lost and forgotten in a sea of nothingness.

That’s it for this weeks installment, and I hope you’re enjoying all the oddities here in the Astral Plane!

As always, Game On.

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