Monsters of Porphyra (DCC)

Chorion Hag by Jaraq Paul

Chorion hag: Init -3; Atk bite +5 melee (1d4 plus poison) or claw +7 melee (1d4); AC 19; HD 8d8+16; MV 10’; Act 3d20; SP infravision 60’, birth-clones, poison, spells; SV Fort +9, Ref +3, Will +8; AL C.

Corpulent creatures with undulous squirming forms, the vaguely female chorion hags hide in the bowels of the world, secretly amassing power and wealth. With their birth-cloned servitors they are able to insinuate themselves into the more civilized parts of the world while managing to keep their monstrous natures and aberrant schemes undetected. The hags themselves are hideous to behold, like something brought up from deep beneath the sea melted into the same loathsome creature as two or more demonic ogresses.

A chorion hag writhes with half-formed monstrosities within its dark corrupted womb. When the hag has consumed the tissue of a living creature (often through a bite attack), she can gestate a birth-clone of that being over a period of 1d3 to 1d5 weeks. Smaller creatures take less time to birth, and the largest creature a chorion hag can create in this way is roughly the size of a large human. The cloned creature possesses all the abilities and knowledge of the original creature at the time of consumption but is fervently devoted to the chorion hag in all ways.

A chorion hag may never have more than one birth-clone of a particular creature at one time, and the birth-clones may never be more than 8 miles from their chorion hag mother.  If taken farther than this, the creature dies within 1d8 rounds, reduced to a mass of indistinct protoplasm. The same happens to all birth-clones who die, and the hag cannot recreate them without another flesh sample. For this reason, chorion hags may keep some victims imprisoned for long years rather than slay and devour them. The hag may have up to 24 Hit Dice or levels worth of birth-clones.

The hag’s bite is poisonous, causing 1d4 temporary Strength damage (DC 17 Fort save, or 1 point is permanent).

All chorion hags know 2d6 spells from the following list, and can use an Action Die to cast one each round. They have a +8 bonus to the spell check, and can suffer both spell failure and corruption as does a wizard. When casting a cleric spell, the hag suffers a 50% chance of major corruption or misfire, rolling on the generic tables as appropriate, for any natural “1”. Corruption on such a being is seldom noticeable, however, and often fades into their overall foulness over time.

Use the following table to determine spells known:


1d12 Spell
1 Animate dead
2 Chill touch
3 Choking cloud
4 Curse
5 Darkness
6 Dispel magic
7 Haste
8 Invisible companion
9 Lotus stare
10 Paralysis
11 Ray of enfeeblement
12 Slow

Chorion hags work to weaken and spread dissent within communities prior to the march of Mâl’s endless armies.

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