DCC Monsters

Amortortok: Init +0; Atk claw +9 melee (1d6+5 plus life drain); AC 18; HD 9d8; MV 30’ or climb 20’; Act 4d20; SP infravision 120’, clairvoyance, locate object or creature, blend into shadows, life drain, immune to cold; SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +6; AL N.

Amortortok are ancient beings that live in the cold northern climates of the world. Tall as an ogre, these powerful beings have the faces of demonic gorillas.  Each of its four arms end in wicked three-clawed fingers.  Its eyes sparkle with forbidden knowledge of distant lands, for the amortortok are blessed with preternatural sight into the world beyond – with concentration, they can scry into any place they choose, and they have the ability to know the location of any creature of object they seek.

If these were not formidable enough powers, the amortorortok also have a strange relationship with the dark power of shadows. During any conditions other than full daylight, an amortortok can disappear into the shadows, giving it total concealment (+4 to AC). Artificial illumination, even if magical, does not negate this ability. Further, attacks by these creatures drain the very light and life from living beings, causing 1d5 points of temporary Stamina damage in addition to their physical effects, unless a DC 15 Fort save is successful.

Amortortok claim vast territories of frozen waste as their lands and often leave bone fetishes to mark their borders. The amortortok are creatures that can be both a boon and bane to those they encounter. If they and their territories are treated with respect, they can be sources of information on the northern lands and oracles able to speak of places far beyond the frozen north. If disrespected, the amortortok stalk offenders from shadowy places, striking without warning and draining their life away. With their ability to discern the location of whomever or whatever they seek, nothing can truly escape the multi-clawed reach of the amortortok.

On Porphyra

Deep in the Yeti Wastes of the Northlands, to the northwest of Gulag Red, the lands of the amortortok can be found. Once creatures of the Elemental Plane of Ice, these beings were cut off from the elemental planes during the NewGod Wars for failing to side with the Elemental Lords against the New Gods. The amortortok saw the coming defeat of the Elemental Lords and supported the ith’n ya’roo tribes of the Northlands in the conflict.

See Races of Porphyra: Ith’n Ya’roo (DCC) for more information concerning the ith’n ya’roo.


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