Playtest: Broken Chains

The Porphyra Roleplaying Game is coming along. The current document v.4 is sitting at 129 unedited pages. You can pick up v.3 for free over at Rpgnow and then wander over to my patreon to get in on the ongoing discussions.

Our current Pathfinder campaign has reached level 6. We have just finished the Trail of the Apprentice by Legendary Games and things went generally really when until the final battle. Our party has suffered some looses and now needs to regroup.

Gnoll by Gary Dupuis

To continue our campaign, I am going to be adapting Broken Chains by Tim Hitchcook. Due to work commitments we will likely not be playing until at least the weekend of the 21st so I have time to work on my conversion notes. I’ll be posting my statblock conversions based upon v.4 of the rules over on the porphyra wiki. All the new conversions will be tagged with broken chains (bc) and porphyra roleplaying game (prg) if you want to search for the content by tags.

There should be enough in v.4 to let me test some of the ideas I have been bouncing around to playtest some of the things on the GM’s side of the screen.  I will post campaign updates the weeks we game to let you know how things are going.